Leveraging the Internet as a Strategic Business Tool


    Jazzmonix was founded on the simple notion that e-commerce does NOT have to be ugly.

    In an era when everyone is jumping on the e-Commerce bandwagon, it’s nice to know that some of us still take pride in helping businesses do so with a little finesse. In our humble opinion, it’s not just the information and the technical “do-dads,” it’s the visual presentation that keeps viewers with trigger mouse fingers browsing for those extra minutes that can make or break a web site. After all, these are the same viewers who regularly take in the likes of Star Wars, Matrix, and Disney. That’s why we believe a truly effective web site must be technically robust to support the strategy, contextually rich to convey the message, and visually stimulating to attract and keep the viewer.

    Even though this seems like a “duh” philosophy, many businesses put the fate of their web site development and deployment effort into the hands of technicians – people with great programming skills but no artistic ability and, worse yet, no ability to clearly and effectively define and deploy an e-commerce strategy.

    The result?

    • Just another face in the crowd…
    • Just another billboard on the information superhighway…
    • Just another site that over-emphasizes technology and under-emphasizes presentation…

    Jazzmonix’ visual and strategic direction on each and every web site design is set by Cathy Rodriguez, Jazzmonix’ president and a 35-year veteran in the Information Technology (IT) industry, but a graphic artist by training. She brings a unique set of skills to bear on each client’s project, coupling a wide range of IT experience (from mainframes to desktop platforms to Internet) with a creative ability that is clearly unique in the field. She also understands the need for a well-defined web strategy, overcoming the trap many companies fall into – “If you build it, they will come.”

    Whether a Fortune 500 company or a sole proprietor, Jazzmonix can help create your vision on the Internet.

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