Leveraging the Internet as a Strategic Business Tool


    Cathy has always provided excellent results and quality. As a small company, we look to keep costs and benefits in sync, and she has consistently provided "big" company results at a "small" company price. I would recommed her to anyone looking for quick, responsive, quality work, with an attention to detail and costs.

    Darin LeGrange, President & CEO, Healthation
    So you've submitted your site to fifty million search engines, and established reasonable visibility. Why aren't your viewers paying attention then? Because there's little on your site that draws their attention. You're just another billboard on the information superhighway.

    At Jazzmonix, we believe the most effective sites are those that couple search engine visibility with an innovative, thought provoking, information-rich, and graphically stimulating presentation - one that solicits "oohs" and "ahs" from viewers, keeps them exploring to the furthest depths of your site, and keeps them returning regularly to re-experience the sensation. A visual oasis, as it were, amidst a vast, dry desert of e-commerce.

    As you view some of the sites in our portfolio, we think you'll understand where we're coming from. Conventional is out. Inspirational is in. But a client's message is never lost amidst the grandeur...

    It's just a lot less boring to look at...

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